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Gladstone Exposed

aka Madison Place Community Church

A place to find answers and healing for those affected by the Gladstone Community

What is the Gladstone Community?

The Gladstone Community, now known as the Madison Place Community Church, is a religious organization located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Its origins trace back to 2010 when Zak Kijinski started an at-home Bible study as a part of the Vineyard Church movement. Over time, it has evolved into a community of approximately 125 members, encompassing multiple homes and businesses in the Madison Place/Mariemont area. Their initial vision was to practice Biblical Christianity through discipleship and communal sharing of resources, including homes, vehicles, and finances.

Regrettably, the Gladstone Community has deviated from its original intentions, transforming into a destructive cult that preys on the vulnerable through manipulation and control. While they initially promised freedom in Christ through the gospel of grace, they have since established a church that emphasizes strict rules and salvation through works rather than genuine faith.

This platform serves as a resource for those who are concerned or curious about this group. Through the testimonies of former members, as well as accounts from friends and family of current members, we assert the validity of our claims against the Madison Place Community and urge them to seek repentance. In the meantime, we offer a range of resources to assist individuals, and we encourage anyone with concerns or seeking assistance in leaving the community to reach out to us through our Contact page.


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"And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

- Jesus of Nazareth

Support Our Cause

​Pray for those who are currently trapped and deceived by the Community, that they would find hope and the courage to leave.

Pray for the leaders of Madison Place Community Church that they would repent and follow the words of Jesus to not "lord over" the flock.

Pray for those who have left the community that they would find healing and understand the true freedom in Christ.

Also, please pray for us that we can continue to offer light and hope for those who have been abused or hurt by the Madison Place Community Church.

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